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Is planning your dream wedding causing you to feel overwhelmed?

Do you want a wedding that’s unique and reflects who the two of you are?

Do you have some ideas of what you want but aren’t sure how to ‘make it happen’?

Do you feel unorganized or simply don’t have enough time in your day to plan your dream wedding?

Do you want to have someone there to guide and support you through this process so you no longer feel alone?

Would you like a professional wedding planner to ensure everything is looked after so you can enjoy your engagement and your wedding day absolutely worry-free?

If you’re like many of the amazing couples I’ve worked with over the last few years I know that you have this amazing vision for your wedding, but you just aren’t sure how to make it happen, and just don’t have the extra time to learn all of the know-how when it comes to planning your DREAM wedding. Yes of course you could plan your wedding yourself but you simply just don’t have enough time in your day to first learn how to plan your wedding, search through the hundreds of venues and wedding professionals out there to work with you on your wedding and perhaps you’re not sure how much this is all going to cost you? Well I want you to stop worrying because it is possible to have the incredible wedding that you both fantasize about. What you need is an expert wedding planner to take you by the hand and guide you through the process of planning your wedding and to offer you wedding planning in a more manageable time frame.

I know some of you are reading this thinking that you’re a smart, independent woman… you’re perfectly capable of planning a wedding. Of course you are. But it takes hundreds of hours to plan a wedding. Not to mention the added stress of pleasing others, wedding finances and ensuring that you have the wedding you both envision. Chances are as a professional you’ve went to University to become what you are and you’re great at it. Well as a professional wedding planner this is my full time career. I have the connections and expertise that you need to plan your dream wedding all ready for you and together I will help you make the best decisions for your dream wedding. The best part is I’m here to support you when you feel like things are just becoming overwhelming and stressful. Sometimes you don’t have anyone to turn to, people just think you’re acting crazy but I want you to know that I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself. And I’ve helped over 25 other brides go through the stressful process of planning a wedding. I’m here to offer you the support you need to go forward and just enjoy this process.

The Solution…You can have the amazing DREAM wedding that you want, that reflects who the two of you are, more free time to enjoy your engagement, less stress and you can do this without feeling so OVERWHELMED with everything.


If you use the system I have put into place for planning your dream wedding- we can get started right now and you can feel a little relief… knowing I’m here to help!

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