Do’s & Dont’s of Selecting Your Venue


  • Set a budget and stick to it.72405_450763383743_151679248743_5329780_7677521_n-300x200
  • Know how many guests you plan on attending each the ceremony and reception.
  • Decide if you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same location.
  • Keep a couple of dates in mind in case a venue you really like is already booked.
  • Create a list of the things you need your venue to have (ie. Wheelchair accessibility, catering, on-site ceremony area, on-site accommodations, adequate parking).
  • Decide whether or not you need accommodation and/or transportation for your guests.
  • Think about whether or not the decor of the venue matches the decor you have in mind for the wedding. If it doesn’t, it may cost more to cover it up with decorations and flowers.
  • Read your contract carefully! Watch for hidden costs.
    catholic church wedding


  • Stray from your budget. Spending too much onchurch1-300x199 a venue will affect how much you can spend on other things at the wedding. Keep in mind that if your venue includes catering, liquor and other things that you require for your wedding you can cut costs in other areas of your budget.
  • Forget to check out health and safety regulations as well as liquor licensing at the venue.
  • Choose a venue that’s too large for your number of guests. If there is too much open, wasted space at your venue you may have to spend more filling it up with decorations and flowers.
  • Forget about the menu. Find out if they offer catering services with food that you would be interested in. Do you have any limitations on what outside catering services you can uses?
  • Be afraid to ask a lot of questions (ie. Adequate bathroom facilities, cancellation policy, payment schedule, overtime charges, parking, inclement weather plans).

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